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EugeneProdigy's Staff Application

What is your ign?: TTV_SWINCK

what is your discord ex. discord#3434?: EugeneProdigy#9469

why are you applying for staff: I love the minecraft community, even though it is harsh at times and I am harsh at it sometimes, but I still enjoy helping it. I like building creations for the good of the community and for my own enjoyment. I don't rage, if I were to leave, I would say my goodbyes and demote myself, not blow the server up first, and I see myself as a good member of your team.

What rank are you applying for: Preferably Moderator, though, I would take a lower ranked position if offered.

how old are you: 15

Do you have a clear microphone: Yes.

how long have u been playing on the server for: 1 Day.