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SimplyFake Developer Application [EU]


My name is Damon Leigh and today I will be want to apply for developer on ApocalypticsCraft. To be come a developer is a big privilage plus has a lot of responsability esureing that there is minimal amount of bugs and players have the best, optimal and fair gameplay possible. To my current understanding the server is use the minecraft coding language "skript*". To enhance server development, I would be able to bring Java development into the server alongside skript to make sure the server doesn't depend on all custom features to be coded within skript.

* I can code in skript since it is just plain english, so either languages are possible.

I have been coding in Java for 5 years (I have coded Java properly for 3-4) and I can say that I can help bring custom features, maybe even unique features to the server aswell as making sure the server is not having performance issues with the plugins I would develop. I have had experience on the following servers;

HycroHCF (Hardcore Factions Server), RubySkyblock (Skyblock server), AortilPvP (KitPvP server), HCSerux (Hardcore Factions Server), HCFallacy (Hardcore Factions Server), HCNexus (Hardcore Factions Server) and many more that I really cannot be bothered listing.

Now you may be wondering, "Oh this person claims he can code but maybe hes lying."
Looks like I am going to post some code snippets from my own priavte projects coded in Java.


This is called the Damage event. When the player dies this would be executed. (Reason it's called a Listener because it "listens" for the event). This event tells the shooter how much health the person has when you shoot a bow and the arrow hits the target.


This is called the Death event. This listens for the player to die and gives the killer a reward if they have the permission "neon.rewards". Assuming the player doesnt have said permission, it gives them 1 golden apple and plays the smoke effect.

I would continue on but I don't want to bore you.

Thanks for reading my Developer Application

- Damon Leigh (SimplyFake)